Just unwrapped these sticker sheets from @rockinstickers for @mondocon - just a little something extra and unique for you guys… Here you see cropped slaps from @peteradamyan @bryanschnelle @millustration and @jamesreads - there’s 15 on this 11x14 sheet! #stickers #slaps #rockinstickers #stickersheet #mondocon

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Here’s a piece about the subculture of the fifties, we look back on that time in American history as being wholesome but that was never the case. This one is available on the @spoke_art website #bettypage #robots #50sscifi #nealcassady #jackkeroauc #allenginsberg #williamburroughs #elvis

This piece is currently available at @hyaenagallery in Burbank. Hyaena Gallery was the first place to really take a chance on me and my work. Thanks Bill!

Less than 18 hours left to get one of these plates at @1xrun #virginmary #trailerpark #trailerparkmary #trailerparkjesus

Here’s the original piece that is also available at @1xrun #virginmary


Peter Adamyan on 1xRUN.

Almost completely sold out as of writing this are Peter Adamyan’s awesome Trailer Park Jesus & Mary porcelain limited edition plates.  You can get them over on 1xRUN if there are still some left.  The two original paintings by Peter are also available.

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My new release from 1xRun is now available!


 Peter Adamyan - Trailer Park Jesus & Mary Porcelain Plates now available through 1XRUN

"The original piece was a look at how religion changes the images of their deities to fit new followers and I wanted to make a Jesus and Mary that would fit into the poor right wing whites in this country, or at least the stereotype of what that means. To keep with that theme I thought it would be great to print the images on a kitch item which you might find decorating the homes of the trailer park residents. 

These pieces were from my solo show last year at lOAKal Gallery in Oakland, called Salvation Mini Mart. The show had to do with how religion changes over time and how Christianity in particular can change in a nation like the US which is so consumer driven. 

The original pieces were done with oil on a wood panel, each has their own custom frame made from a whole car tire. The plates are printed in a Chinese factory like most goods in the US.” - Peter Adamyan 

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Perfect for that final touch to your trailer. These plates dropped tomorrow 9am PCT, get them at @1xrun Limited to an edition of 25. #trailerparkjesus #trailerparkmary #decorativeplates

My next release with the folks over at @1xrun is this Saturday, get yourself some Trailer Park Jesus and Mary porcelain plates to decorate your Trailer. #whitetrash #trailerpark #limitededition #jesus

This piece was made for Modern Eden’s recent group show “Home”. They gave each artist a birdhouse to customize and make their own. 

"The First Birdhouse of Satan" Oil and acrylic on birdhouse.

Available here,